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3 Tips for Easing Children’s Fear of the Dentist

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3 Tips for Easing Children’s Fear of the Dentist

added on: October 22, 2015

We love to make kids smile! That’s why your child’s experience at Jenkin’s & LeBlanc is important to us. As board certified pediatric dentists, our friendly staff provide a fun, educational atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. It is perfectly normal for children to be fearful of visiting the dentist. As specialists in pediatric dentistry, we focus specifically on providing gentle care to children. Here are some tips that can help alleviate your child’s fears prior to their dentist appointment.

Watch Your Words

Word choice could have an impact on how your child views the dentist. Don’t use words that could cause your child fear, such as “shot,” “hurt,” or “pain.” Instead, focus on simple words like “clean,” “healthy,” or “smile.” As board certified pediatric dentists, we are experienced in dealing with children with anxiety. We can describe dental tools and procedures in a positive manner to avoid any anxious or negative feelings your child may have toward the dentist’s office.

Role Play

To reduce the stress and fear of your child’s upcoming appointment, consider role playing a “dentist visit.” This helps kids become more familiar with what happens at a dentist’s office. Set up a “dentist chair” in your kitchen. Pretend to be a dentist as you “examine” your child’s teeth. Check your child’s mouth, count teeth. Keep it simple. Make it fun. At the end of the visit, you can reward your child with a sticker for their good behavior.

Come Say Hello Before Your Appointment.

Bring your child in to Jenkins & LeBlanc for a pre-visit. Our expert staff will gladly give a tour and make your family feel comfortable and welcomed. This visit not only familiarizes your child with our facility and staff members but, also builds trust and helps relax the child during future visits.

Your child is our number one priority. Check out some of our customer reviews or contact us today with your questions.

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