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4 Reasons Your Child Has Sensitive Teeth

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4 Reasons Your Child Has Sensitive Teeth

added on: February 15, 2016

Tooth sensitivity in children can happen for many different reasons, and kids aren’t always the biggest help in determining the exact cause. It’s important to know what kind of discomfort they are feeling, but sometimes they’ll tell you a tooth “hurts” when it’s really just feeling natural sensitivity.

A “sensitive” tooth feels immediate discomfort which fades when the cause is removed, like the natural reaction you would feel pressing an ice cube against your tooth. If your child is experiencing a persistent pain in their teeth, it might be due to cavities or damage to the teeth. Here are a few possible reasons why your child might tell you their tooth hurts.

New Tooth Sensitivity

For young children getting their baby teeth, some sensitivity is to be expected, especially in the gums. While the actual eruption of the teeth cause some pain and soreness, they may continue to feel some uncomfortable sensitivity as their new teeth adjust to air exposure.

Allergy & Sinus Issues

Sometimes allergies or sinus issues can cause pressure that feels like tooth sensitivity. If your child is complaining about sensitive teeth and has allergies or sinus troubles, talk to your pediatrician about how to reduce the pressure.


For young children, improper brushing by itself is usually not enough to cause sensitivity. If your child hasn’t been keeping up with regular brushing, they might have developed a cavity, which would make their tooth extra sensitive.

Grinding Teeth

Even if your child brushes their teeth regularly, there are other issues that could cause tooth damage and sensitivity. Sometimes a misaligned bite or teeth grinding can cause small fractures in teeth that can lead to discomfort and sensitivity.

If your child has been experiencing any sensitivity in their teeth, be sure to mention it at their next check-up. If the sensitivity is recurring and causing them discomfort or pain, schedule an appointment with the board certified pediatric dentists at Jenkins & LeBlanc. We’ll figure out exactly what’s causing the problem and determine the best option to get your kids smiling without the sensitivity.

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