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April is National Facial Protection Month

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April is National Facial Protection Month

added on: April 25, 2019
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Who is ready for some Spring sports?

We are so happy that our weather has started to give us some warmer days and evenings to watch our kids play sports this Spring. With all the fun that is involved in playing a sport, we are here to give some tips for protecting your child’s face, including their healthy smiles.

Whether it is an organized sport such as baseball, softball, soccer,  lacrosse or leisure activities like skateboarding, roller skating or bicycling, accidents happen.  According to the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a soft plastic mouth guard can be used to protect your child’s teeth, lips, cheeks and gums from sport related injuries.

April is National Facial Protection month.  The Academy of Sports Dentistry has five tips for protecting your child as they learn and grow through playing a sport or activities this Spring.

Tips for Protecting Your Child During Sports

  1. Mouth Guards are a Must.
  2. Helmets are always Helpful.  
  3. Have 20/20 Vision with Protective Eye wear.  
  4. Face Shields Save Skin…and more.  
  5. Cheer and Shout Out Your Support for Mandatory Protective Gear.  

More About Mouth Guards

There are various types of mouth guards available for kids. Some are custom mouth guards, made by a dentist by taking an impression of their teeth and making the mouth guard to a customized fit.  Some are mouth-formed, known as “boil and bite”. There are also stock mouth guards that can be protective as well.

It is recommended that your choice be a comfortable fit, that it does not restrict breathing, and is easy to clean. You may want to have a case to keep track of it and lower the risk of damage.

Good luck to all our athletes and parents who encourage and support safe and fun play this Spring!

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