kids oral hygiene tips

Oral Hygiene for Kids

We made a list of fun, educational resources at Jenkins and LeBlanc to help your child understand the importance of oral health for their developing teeth. More

fear of dentist tips for kids

Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Fear of the dentist is a common phobia in children and adults. Whether your child is nervous or afraid, try these tips from our team to make your visit a more positive experience. More

baby teething tips

6 Teething Tips Every Parent Must Know

Is your baby keeping you awake at night? Teething is one of the many milestones in your baby's development. Here's what you should know about your teething baby. More

flossing important for children

Your Child Should Still Floss!

Recent news articles have questioned whether flossing is beneficial. If you’ve been wondering whether or not to floss, our board certified pediatric dentists want to encourage you to keep flossing! Why is flossing important? Flossing is important because, like brushing your teeth, it has many benefits for your child’s dental hygiene ... More

calcium for kids

A Quick Guide about Calcium for Kids

Did you know calcium not only supports bone growth and development, but it also helps the growth of your child’s teeth? As your child grows, they need more calcium to supplement their healthy bone development as well as aid in tooth development. More

how much water should children drink

How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

Drinking water is essential for growing your child's healthy smile. Not only does it help keep your child's mouth clean, but it keeps them hydrated and improves their oral health, too. Here are helpful tips from the board certified pediatric dentists at Jenkins and LeBlanc to encourage your child to drink more water. More

thumb sucking tips

Help, My Child Sucks Their Thumb!

Does your child have a tendency to suck on their thumbs, fingers, and pacifiers? No worries parents! For many children, this behavior is completely normal. Often, children do this as a source of relaxation and comfort. However, if your child continues to suck on their fingers or thumbs beyond the eruption of their permanent teeth, dental problems may arise. More

how to motivate children to brush teeth

How to Motivate My Child to Brush Their Teeth

Getting your child to brush their teeth can be quite a challenge. To children, brushing teeth can seem like a chore – and we all know how children like to avoid their chores! Whether you’re getting your child ready before school or winding down before bedtime, motivating your child to brush their teeth is no easy task.Here are ... More

tooth discoloration Jenkins LeBlanc

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Have you noticed that your child has tooth discoloration? Perhaps your child’s baby teeth are yellowing, or maybe you’ve noticed a tooth that is greyish in color. The good news is that many of the reasons for tooth discoloration are preventable, and many are also treatable. Let’s dig a little deeper. Three Reasons for Tooth ... More

stages of tooth development

Growing Healthy Smiles: The Stages of Tooth Development

Good dental hygiene at all stages of tooth development is essential for growing a healthy smile. More