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Don’t Forget Your Mouth Guard

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Don’t Forget Your Mouth Guard

added on: August 27, 2015

Prevent Oral Injuries with a Mouth Guard

Sports are more popular than ever, and since school has started, that means it’s time for fall sports! Along with after school practices and making sure the uniforms are clean for game day, parents have another important task: deciding if their child needs a mouth guard.

As parents, we are often quick to think about helmets, shin guards, and other protective equipment to keep our children safe. We also make sure that our kids eat right and stretch out so they don’t pull a muscle while playing. So why wouldn’t we protect their smiles as well?

Sometimes a simple play in a game or practice can result in an oral injury. As board certified pediatric dentists, Doctors Jenkins and LeBlanc are here to help you protect your child’s oral health and recommend including a mouth guard as part of your child’s sports equipment. Whether your child plays soccer, football, volleyball, basketball or another sport, a mouth guard is essential.

Mouth guards work by absorbing the shock of an impact. By using a mouth guard, your student athlete will be better protected from injuries to the teeth, jaw and tongue. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the cost of losing a tooth from an oral injury that could be prevented by a mouth guard can be over $5,000.

So, when you are signing your kids up for sports this fall and getting all of the equipment ready, don’t forget a mouth guard. Schedule an appointment today and our experienced staff will fit your child with a custom mouth guard. We definitely want those teeth protected, because school pictures will be here before you know it!

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