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How Much The Tooth Fairy is Paying These Days & Other Fun Facts 

How Much The Tooth Fairy is Paying These Days & Other Fun Facts 

added on: February 28, 2023

One of the most exciting events in a kid’s early years is losing their first tooth. The anticipation of a visit from the Tooth Fairy just makes the milestone even more thrilling for young kids. But who is this magical fairy? How old is she? How much money does a tooth go for nowadays anyway? Luckily, your pediatric dentist in Olathe works closely with the Tooth Fairy, and has some top-secret insider information (don’t worry, she said it’s ok to share). 

Who is the Tooth Fairy? 

The answer to the question depends on who you ask and which part of the world they live in. Here in America, the Tooth Fairy is most commonly a tiny creature sporting a crown, a wand, and a poofy, sparkly gown. However, in Spain, France, and Belgium the Tooth Fairy is a small mouse who collects lost teeth in exchange for a small gift. 

How Old is the Tooth Fairy? 

While nobody actually knows her true age, we can estimate that the Tooth Fairy is about 115 years old! The first known mention of this legendary tooth collector occurred in the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1908 in an article encouraging parents to instill good oral health habits in their children so their teeth were healthy and desirable to the Tooth Fairy. 

How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Pay? 

The good news is that the Tooth Fairy seems to have kept up with inflation and is paying more for a tooth than she did in previous years. According to a poll conducted by Delta Dental, the average rate for a tooth was about $3.70 in 2019. Now, it’s about $4.09 per tooth.

Healthy Teeth Wanted! 

While the Tooth Fairy tends to collect any lost tooth that’s put out for her, she does prefer healthy, cavity-free teeth. Encourage your child to practice good oral habits of brushing and flossing every day so that when it’s their turn for a visit from the Tooth Fairy, she’s happy with what she picks up. 

Besides pleasing the Tooth Fairy, it’s crucial to keep those baby teeth healthy until they’re ready to come out naturally. Baby teeth hold spaces for adult teeth, help kids chew effectively, and can aid in speech development. 

Protect your child’s precious tiny teeth by helping them brush properly and seeing their pediatric dentist in Olathe regularly. 

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