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How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

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How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

added on: July 26, 2016

Drinking water is essential for growing your child’s healthy smile. Not only does it help keep your child’s mouth clean, but it keeps them hydrated and improves their oral health, too.

Water can help your child’s oral health by preventing cavities. Water washes away sugar and acidity from food that builds up in the mouth and on the enamel of the teeth. Another benefit of water is that it’s a natural source of fluoride, which aids against tooth decay.

But as parents, motivating your child to drink water can be a challenge. Here are helpful tips from the board certified pediatric dentists at Jenkins and LeBlanc to encourage your child to drink more water.

    • Use a fun theme cup: Let your child pick out a “special” cup that they’ll love. Whether it be their favorite princess or superhero, they’ll be more inclined to drink water from it.
    • Add excitement with a colorful, silly straw: A silly straw makes your child consume water faster and keeps them entertained.
    • Use fun shaped ice cube trays: Add different styles of ice cubes like stars and smiley faces to make drinking water more fun.
    • Add a colorful piece of fruit: Incorporate a colorful piece of fruit like a strawberry. Strawberries have plenty of vitamin C and malic acid, which is great for the gums and acts as a natural enamel whitener.
    • Make it a game: Whoever finishes their water, gets a gold star. At the end of the week add up the gold stars and give them a special surprise.
    • Be a role model: Water benefits you, too! The more water you drink, the more likely your child will drink water.

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