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Real Life Brushing Tips For Infants And Toddlers

Real-Life Brushing Tips for Infants and Toddlers

Tooth brushing and oral care can often feel like one of those more challenging duties. However, good oral health is a key component to...
Avoiding Sticky Foods

Avoiding Sticky Foods and What To Try Instead

Sticky foods remain on teeth longer than most, and are more likely to cause tooth decay. We've got some tips on healthy snack alternatives.
Christmas Gift Guide Healthy Happy Teeth

Children’s Christmas Gift Guide for Healthy, Happy Teeth!

Get excited about your dental health just in time for Christmas! Still shopping for gifts? Here’s some helpful ideas from Jenkins & LeBlanc.
Teeth Healthy During Holidays

5 Tips for Keeping Teeth Healthy During The Holidays

This year let’s focus on having healthy teeth by balancing our favorite cravings with the delicious foods that will make our teeth strong and...