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Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

LeBlanc & Associates Dentistry For Children in Kansas

Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

added on: March 21, 2017

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, finding a pediatric dentist who provides a supportive, comfortable experience for your child’s specific dental care is a must.

At Jenkins & LeBlanc, you’ll find everything from our caring staff to our kid-friendly offices and treatment plans are designed with your child in mind.

Early Care

Daily oral care, regular check ups, and cleanings are essential to maintain a healthy smile. Children with special needs are more likely to experience oral health complications such as:

  • Dry mouth: can affect nutrition and lead to tooth decay and mouth infections
  • Bite and crowding problems
  • Poor jaw position
  • Teeth grinding
  • Delayed tooth development

To prevent oral health issues like tartar build up and gingivitis, our pediatric dentists and expert team will work with you to develop a preventative treatment plan.

You can help make sure your child’s experience is a positive one:

  • Provide our team with critical health information, like medical history
  • Prepare your child beforehand by role playing a “dentist visit”
  • Practice good oral hygiene habits like flossing and brushing from a young age
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you or your child may have

Sedation Services

Sedation may sometimes be recommended to ensure your child is comfortable during their visit. Endorsed by the American Dental Association, sedation is an effective way to provide comprehensive care without causing stress or anxiety to patients.

Your child’s dentist will talk to you about the process of sedation and pre- and post-sedation instructions, as well as any possible side effects your child might experience.

Dental Care Tailored to Your Child’s Needs

Our board certified pediatric dentists and dental hygienists are committed to providing compassionate, gentle care. We have extensive experience, training, and education in special needs dentistry as well as accommodating physical, emotional, cognitive, and sensory needs.

We’re happy to discuss your child’s specific circumstances and will answer any questions or concerns. Together, we’ll develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your child’s needs. And, we’ll provide tips for oral health care at home, such as brushing, and preventative strategies to keep your child’s smile healthy and happy.

To learn more about our special needs dentistry service, and how we can best serve your child, contact us. Before your appointment, feel free to bring your child in for an office tour to meet our staff members and become comfortable with our facility.

We look forward to having you a part of the Jenkins & LeBlanc family!

What Parents Are Saying

“My son is autistic and it not only was a very scary thought for him to have his first dental experience but for me too. The staff is so helpful and the overall environment is just comfortable. When all was said and done with his appointment, he looks at me and said ‘not so bad Mom!'” – Sharmien

“Our oldest son has special needs, and we delayed dental visits with him because we couldn’t fathom how anyone could even get instruments in his mouth for a cleaning. When he was 5 we discovered Dr. Jenkins. She is an absolute magician! Not only was she comfortable with our son’s disability, she was able to do a full exam and cleaning. They have such a fun, friendly atmosphere, it makes the biannual trips enjoyable!” – Robyn

“Great first visit! I highly recommend Jenkins & LeBlanc for kids with Special Needs. Everyone was patient, accommodating, and friendly, and tried to make my daughter as comfortable as possible.” – Heather

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